World Petanque Championship
From September 9th to 12th, the World Petanque Championship took place in Cotonou, Benin,
2023-09-13 14:10

featuring the following disciplines: men's and women's singles, tete-a-tete, and mixed doubles. The Ukrainian team consisted of the following players: Veronika Homeniuk (Lviv), Hanna Bezrodna (Kharkiv), Andrii Kamenyev (Kharkiv), and Oleksandr Koval (Kyiv). The tournament followed a Swiss system format, followed by knockout matches.

Results from the first day of play:

Tete-a-tete, women: Ukraine (Bezrodna) 2:13 France; Ukraine 5:13 Spain

Tete-a-tete, men: Ukraine (Kamenyev) 0:13 Morocco

Doubles, women: Ukraine (Bezrodna, Homeniuk) 3:13 Slovakia; Ukraine 0:13 Morocco 

Doubles, men: Ukraine (Kamenyev, Koval) 0:13 France; Ukraine 2:13 Togo Mixed doubles: Ukraine (Koval, Homeniuk) 2:13 Thailand

Results from the second day of play:

Tete-a-tete, women: Ukraine 11:13 USA; Ukraine 13:5 Czech Republic

Tete-a-tete, men: Ukraine 1:13 Burkina Faso; Ukraine 3:13 Latvia; Ukraine 13:1 Scotland

Doubles, women: Ukraine 9:10 Canada; Ukraine 11:12 Hungary

Doubles, men: Ukraine 11:13 Czech Republic (technical win)

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian teams did not advance to the playoffs in any of the disciplines. However, individual victories provide hope for the future of Ukrainian petanque. To improve the overall level, more training, the involvement of new players, and teaching children are necessary.

The championship winners were as follows: Tete-a-tete, women – Tunisia Tete-a-tete, men – Thailand Doubles, women – Thailand Doubles, men – France Mixed doubles – Benin

Now, we await the performances of the Ukrainian team (Dmytro Bugai, Serhii Kurdybakha, Oleksandr Koval, Andrii Kamenyev) in the World Championship for Triplets. The competition will take place from September 14th to 17th in Cotonou.



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