On February 17 and 18, the "Trophy Elite Ukraine - 2024" tournament was held in Kyiv.
2024-02-19 12:14
Competitions took place in the categories of theta and doublet, in which the best ranked players of Ukraine took part. On Saturday, February 17, Pavlo Hrybachov from Kharkiv celebrated the victory in "Teta". In the final, he beat his teammate Dmytro Bugai with a score of 13:12. In the match for 3rd place, Oleg Kosolapov was stronger than Veronika Khomenyuk - 13:11. On Sunday, February 18, they already competed in "doublets". It is worth noting that the invitation to play in the same team with Serhiy Babyak, who represents the Lviv club "Koshovy", was received by the player of "Uptown" Evgeny Rafalskyi. From the very beginning, the boys began to demonstrate a powerful game, which allowed them to reach the finals of the tournament. In the main match, they faced a powerful duo consisting of Ihor Sekhin and Vlasta Vysochanska. By the way, this couple beat Serhiy and Yevgeny in the first round. During the entire match, which lasted 2 hours, both teams demonstrated a high level of play.And, nevertheless, the victory was celebrated by the doublet of Babyak/Rafalsky with a score of 13:9. "Bronze" awards were won by the couple Pavlo Hrybachov/Olexandr Roslov. In the match for the 3rd place, they beat the team of Andrii Kamenev and Veronika Homeniuk. We should note the good organization of the tournament and thank all the players for interesting matches.
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