On January 6, the "Sisters&Brothers Cup" pétanque tournament was held in the "Tupit Kopyt" club.
2024-01-08 14:08
9 teams, as well as representatives of our club, took part in the competition. The tournament not only presented emotional moments, but also emphasized sportsmanship and friendship between the participants. Results of the tournament: 1. Bugai D., Kovalchuk V. 2. Mikulina N. i. AT 3. Kuzovkin M., Agureev V. 4. Homenyuk V., Koval O. 5. Cherevan V., Valkova I., Prakhnitskyi S. 6. Barkar V., Rafalskyi E. 7. Sofronov D. and A. 8. Babyak S., Nastyushka 9. Kiyanitsa D., Melnyk O.
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