From December 22 to 24, a traditional "Christmas" pétanque tournament took place in Kyiv.
2023-12-28 13:12
More than 40 players from many parts of Ukraine took part in it. For three days, a friendly sports atmosphere reigned on the pitches. Oleksandr Koval from Kyiv celebrated the victory in the "tete-a-tete" competition. In the final, he was stronger than Pavel Hrybachov from Kharkiv. Dmytro Bugai from Kyiv increased his medal tally with a "bronze" of this tournament, who beat Taras Hrytsyuk from Lviv in the match for 3rd place. In the "doublets" discipline, the team consisting of Veronika Khomenyuk and Andrii Kamenev became the strongest. Dmytro Lysenko and Mario Presutti from our petanque club "Uptown" took the second place, and the "bronze" awards were won by Serhii Kurdybaha and Oleksandr Koval from Kyiv. The tournament among the "triplets" was won by a team consisting of Vladyslav Godovanets from Novokakhov and the Lemeshevsky couple, Valentyn and Tetyana, from Kharkiv. They lost in the final to the "triplet" of Serhii Kurdybakha, Oleksandr Koval and Veronika Khomenyuk. The third place was won by a team consisting of Dmytro Bugai, Volodymyr Keibal from Poltava, and Volodymyr Rogovenko, a player from Uptown.
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