pétanque tournament "Tupit Kopyt-2023"
From November 10 to 12, the petanque tournament "Tupit Kopyt-2023" was held in Kyiv in the disciplines of tees, doublets and triplets.
2023-11-16 08:57
More than 30 athletes from Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Cherkasy, Irpin, Vyshgorod, Boryspil, Khust took part in the competition. In the "tete-a-tete" category, the winner was Oleksandr Koval from Kyiv (petanque club "Kyiv"), who defeated Dmytro Lysenko of "Uptown" in the final with a score of 13:9. "Bronze" was chosen by an athlete from Irpin, Valery Kovalchuk. The team consisting of Mario Presutti ("Uptown") and Oleksandr Koval turned out to be the strongest in doubles. Second place - mixed duet of Dmytro Bugai ("Kyiv") and Natalka Mikulina ("Koshovy"). In the match for the 3rd place, the doublet of Mykola Dudyuk from Lviv and Andriy Kamenev from Kharkiv celebrated the victory. On the last day of the tournament, they competed in triples. The first place was won by the team of Mykola Dudyuk, Andrii Kamenev and the player from Kyiv, Maria Nevmerzhitska. "Silver" is owned by a triplet consisting of Dmytro Bugai and a couple from Khust ("Chellena Suva"), Vasyl and Tetyana Stetsiv. And the trio of prize winners was completed by Vitaliy Barkar, Taras Hrytsyuk (both from "Koshovoy") and Serhiy Zhukovsky from "Kyiv". These competitions started the winter series of tournaments in Kyiv. Follow our announcements and play pétanque.
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