European Championship among men's triples
From September 21 to 24, the European Championship among men's triples was held in the city of Albertville, France.
2023-10-06 13:27
Our national team was represented by experienced players who repeatedly played for Ukraine at European tournaments: Oleg Kosolapov, Pavlo Hrybachov, Mykola Dudyuk, Yevgeny Likhovidov, as well as coach and delegate Andriy Buslyk. The teams played 5 games according to the Swiss system. The Ukrainian national team won two games: against Scotland (12:9) and Finland (13:5). However, this was not enough to continue participating in the finals. The Ukrainian national team also played two games in the Cup against teams from Wales and the Netherlands. As always, the French team won the European Championship among men's triples. We wish the men's national team a successful performance and high achievements in the following tournaments. We cheer for you!
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