Poland is in 12th place in the world ranking of pétanque
Poland is ranked 12th in the world ranking, which was announced by the International Federation of Pétanque and Provençal (FIPJP) based on the results of the 2023 season.
This is a huge achievement for our country and I congratulate everyone who contributed to this result! Poland is also ranked 10th in the classification of national federations for the World Games in China in 2025. Along with the host China, this competition will feature 6 countries that have already secured the right to play. These countries have already guaranteed themselves the right to participate in the game: Thailand (Men's World Champion 2023), Benin (2023 World Mixtape Champion), Vietnam (2023 Women's World Champion). However, Vietnam will not participate in the World Games. His place will be taken by the 2024 men's world champion, or the runner-up if the champion is also on the ranked list. The remaining places will be occupied by the teams with the highest rating.
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