Charity event for children
On January 21, a charity event for children who suffered from military aggression was held in the hero city of Buchi.
The organizer of this event was the "Rodyna-Ukraine" foundation. During the day, more than 40 children, aged from 5 to 17 years, took part in master classes in acting, dancing, police work and pétanque. It is nice that representatives of "Uptown Petanque Club" were invited to conduct petanque training for the third time. During the classes, the children got acquainted with the basic rules of the game, performed various accuracy tasks and played among themselves in teams (the names of which, by the way, the children invented instantly - "Tigers", "Christmas tree", "Buckwheat with meat", etc.). It is worth noting that during the matches there was an atmosphere of friendship and respect for each other. "Uptown Petanque Club" expresses its gratitude to the "Rodyna-Ukraine" foundation for the opportunity to join such initiatives again.
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