Tupit Hoof 2023
From November 10 to 12, a tournament called "Tupit Kopyt 2023" will be held at the "Tupit Kopyt" club, which is located on the territory of the Kyiv Hippodrome.
2023-11-09 13:34
It promises to be an impressive three-day competition in which teams from different regions of Ukraine will take part. The participants of the tournament are retraining and preparing for a fierce fight. The game will take place in "tete-a-tete" (one-on-one), "doublets" (two players each) and "triplets" (three players each) formats. One of the expected teams in the tournament is "Uptown Petanque Club". The team members have every chance to win prizes and are ready to impress the audience with their stubbornness and readiness for challenges. The "Tupit Kopyt 2023" tournament will create a wonderful atmosphere for all participants and spectators, leaving unforgettable impressions. Don't miss this exciting sporting event and come support your favorite members!
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